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Once Upon a Time

Sneaky Peaky

Once upon a time

Hearing (or reading) those 4 words gets me giddy with anticipation. I’m already hooked. What adventure awaits? Who is doing the adventuring? What perils will they face? Who will help? How will it end?

“Once upon a time” is an invitation to magic, mystery, discovery, redemption, and true love (tu blave)! So, I started there when fleshing out a new idea. And this idea has wandered more than Bilbo through Middle Earth.

I’m hopelessly, happily addicted to coffee. I love everything about it. The beans, the brewing, the brinking (I know it’s “drinking” but I need a B for the alliteration). And for some time I’ve wanted to do a project involving it and my affection for illustration and story. I have started and stopped, changed directions, changed concepts, given up, and gotten going more times than I can count. None of those iterations has felt just “right,” and I feel it’s worth getting right to do at all.

Not every change has been wholesale. At the core I’ve always wanted it to be magical. I’ve wanted to take whoever is interested on a journey through all of the aforementioned possibilities, and leave them informed and inspired, ready to seek out their own coffee adventure. It’s always been called Caffeine & Sugar, and it will start once upon a time.

This is not a launch announcement. It’s a peak behind the current of a work very much in progress. It’s hopefully an honest admission of my waywardness in trying to get there. And it’s this opening crawl that I’m happy to share.

Goose or Grimm or mother’s rhyme,
All great tales start once upon a time.

So it is and so is ours,
Myth and magic poured from stars.

With light for all and lore to tell,
Shut up now under bitter spell.

Till hero will with heart upright,
Fight and free star’s fables bright.

If “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” then perhaps we’re finally on our way.

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